Our Technology

Efficient vehicle route planner

Finding efficient paths for transporting sales orders through Vehicle Routing algorithms

  • Balance workload between the vehicles
  • Set delivery windows and priorities
  • Serve for multiple vehicle capacity limits

Grain quality analysis

Analysis and Identification of grains using AI & ML

  • Identifying of grains using deep learning techniques
  • Evaluation of the grains on the basis of characteristics such as size, shape, etc.,
  • Grading of grains using advanced artificial intelligence techniques.

Customer Experience

Easy ordering and superior app experience through proprietary algorithms

  • Recommendations based on AI Engine
  • NLP & Deep learning powered support system
  • Personalised in-app notifications using Cohert analysis

Financial Services

Multiple modes of payment in App through payment gateway and SuperKredit

  • SuperKredit system with 0% interest
  • Credit worthiness index based on customer behaviour mapping
  • Multiple payment options including UPI and CashOnDelivery option


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